Pulse Metering Adapter with LoRa

Pulse Metering Adapter with LoRa

Pulse metering adapter with LoRa is a popular solution from CASCADEMIC. It uses the latest LoRa technology which is a modulation technique that provides significantly longer range compared to other RF technologies.

Suitable for Smart water flow meter applications, the wireless metering adapter has inbuilt processing, sensing, storage and RF transmission unit.

Pulse metering adapter with LoRa replaces the traditional human reading method and sends the meter reading and other parameters of the remote meters to the utility provider through wireless (LoRa). It is an automated meter reading (AMR) based metering adapter. The input to this type of metering adapter is digital pulse. Any meter which has a digital pulse as output can be used.

The Pulse metering adapter with LoRa takes the data from the pulse output meter and converts the digital pulse to the actual data and sends to the Gateway through LoRa. The gateway will receive the data and will send to the remote server through Hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP).

This adapter does not require mains power, it can run with a single AA primary battery(Lithium). Since it requires only a few micro amps of current the battery can last for years.

Unique Features

  • Easy configuration and installation.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Wi-Fi, GPRS and MODBUS compatible metering adapter.
  • Customisation on existing solution based on OEM's.
  • Battery operation up to 1.2 years*.
  • 256 KB data storage (can extend upto 8Mb).
  • Enclosed in IP66 standard enclosure.


  • Digital input - detect up to 30 pulse per second.
  • Any meter which has the output as digital pulse can be used.


  • Wireless output in the form of LoRa.
  • LoRaWAN 1.0 complaint.
  • Configurable frequency between 862 to 1020 MHz.
  • LoRa range is up to 1.2 Km** meters Line of sight.
  • Provides secured communication using AES.
  • Using user application meter ID, date, time etc can be configured by the user.

*In certain test condition.

**Range may vary depending on the antenna selection and test environment.

  • Smart remote metering.
  • Water Monitoring and Measurement.
  • Gas Metering.
  • Energy Metering.