With Smart Machines shaking up the business models and core businesses of many industries, these is a need for continual information transfer, be it about problems or faults, energy or environment parameters in industries, current stock levels, change in orders and demand levels and much more. CASCADEMIC'S Solutions provide the perfect infrastructure for such information transfer, right from sensors and sensor nodes all the way to the cloud for monitoring.

Though Industrial IoT is picking up at a rapid pace, there is a still a vast lacuna for IIoT products, especially in the areas of Environment and Energy monitoring, metering and Smart agriculture areas. CASCADEMIC aims to fill that lacuna with robust, reliable, ready-to-deploy end-to-end solutions that are cost-effective.

CASCADEMIC enables Industry 4.0 and our Solutions are built to cater to the latest technologies in IoT and provide multiple connectivity options, both wired and wireless.

Modular architecture, plug and play kind of design, faster time to deliver, very quick turnaround time from ideas to POC and then onto productization – this has been our modus operandi

CASCADEMIC Solutions believes in pushing boundaries to meet customer needs and giving the very best in every product.

With the explosive growth in M2M and Industrial IoT sectors, CASCADEMIC's products have enormous potential and sky is the limit.