Transformer Monitoring

Power quality monitoring

The Transformer Monitoring Solution monitors the Current (Up to 600A), Voltage (Up to 440V), Power Factor and various other power parameters in single phase and 3 phase systems. Providing inputs on Total Distortion, Voltage Sag and Swell, the solution aims to monitor the health of Distribution Transformer Units and Power Distribution Systems.


Built with a modular software architecture, the Solution comes with many valuable features like easy Device configuration, setting of thresholds for Alerts, Self diagnostics and LED status for all critical operations.

The Transformer Monitoring Solution is based on NXP Semiconductors’ Ultra Low power Kinetis ARM Cortex Controller.

• Sensors with large measurement range
• Ease of Installation – Non-intursive
• PF, Harmonics, Voltage Sag & Swell measurement
• 3 Phase and Single phase monitoring

CASCADEMIC's Transformer Monitoring Solution aims to improve energy efficiency.

The Solution can measure Power Quality parameters including power frequency, supply voltage unbalance, magnitude of supply voltage, voltage and current harmonics, flicker, interharmonics, supply voltage dips and swells, rapid voltage changes, voltage interruptions, mains signalling, transient voltages.

Power Quality Monitoring Applications

For Distribution Transformers, the PQ Monitoring Solution comes with sensors for non-intrusive sensing of DT Current and wired option for DT Voltage (Secondary) and allows continuous monitoring of Current, Voltage, Power factor and other parameters. The solution is also easily expandable from single phase to 3 phase with no change in internal architecture. For 3 phase, setting is available for Y or Delta connection.

For different DT Configurations, the DT Monitoring Solution input connections are made appropriately – both for current and voltage through standard terminal block (5.08mm), current and voltage sensing in done, power is computed and monitored with Notifications & Alerts provided based on settings.

Processor Ultra Low power Kinetis ARM Cortex Controller
Sensors Temperature Sensor
Hall sensors
Current Transformers
Rogowski Coil
Oil level sensor
Oil temperature sensor
Proximity Sensor (for theft detection)
Energy Measurements Total and Fundamental RMS Voltage and current
Volt amperes reactive (VAR), volt amperes (VA), Energy
Total and fundamental values of active, reactive, and apparent Power for all the three phases
Power Quality Measurements Total Harmonic distortion: This measurement is used to characterize the power quality of electric power systems
Phase sequence error detection: This parameter is used to determine the error in phase sequence to prevent disastrous short circuit
Zero Crossing detection: This parameter are used for zero-crossing detection on the VA, VB, VC, IA, IB, and IC input signals
Power factor: Determines if the power factor is leading or lagging in all the 3-Phases. Peak detection: Records the peak value of the current and voltage Waveform which can be used for measuring variation in the peak power
Over-current indication: Determines any over-current events which can help in designing of current-limiting circuits to protect the power device
Dip and Swell Indication: Determines the dip and swell event based on the threshold specified by the user
Cloud Support IBM Bluemix
Wiress Connectivity LoRaWAN Protocol Class A and Class C
Wireless - 802.11b/g/n
WWAN – 3G / 4G / LTE
Memory 8MB SPI Flash
Power Supply 24V