Industrial BLDC Motor Drive Interface

The Industrial BLDC control solution is an industrial grade device which uses NXP’s Motor Control Unit, and is designed for low to high voltage operation. The solution provides control over motor rotation speed, forward,reverse rotation and failure detection like commutation error, over current and over voltage.Rotor position estimation is done using Hall sensor technique.

The motor speed is controlled using rotor position feedback fed to the speed regulator done by three phase power stage PWM.The solution shall be controlled using RS-485 interface by the user.

  • Synchronised PLL and forced PLL
  • Direct commutation and instant calculation
  • Software under voltage and over voltage protection
  • India's first high voltage BLDC driver
  • Customisation on existing solution based on OEM's
  • Linear motors.
  • Servomotors.
  • Actuators for industrial robots.
  • Extruder drive motors.
  • Feed drives for CNC machine tools.
  • spinning machines at Textile industries.

Micro-controller :

  • Freescale controller.
  • 48 MHz, ARM, Cortex-M0+ based microcontroller.
  • Various operating modes.

MOSFET Driver Module:

  • Uses SMARTMOS technology.
  • Controls 6 MOSFETs.

Analog / Digital sensing:

  • Determines motor rotation speed.
  • Over voltage and over current sensing.

Voltage capability:

  • Handles motors with up to 600V @ 1200 Watts rating.


  • RS 485 full duplex for HMI communication.


  • Over and under voltage protection.
  • Reverse voltage protection.
  • Over current protection.