BLE to WiFi Gateway


CASCADEMIC’s BLE to WiFI Gateway device makes it easy and cost efficient to cover an area with BLE and get it connected with cloud, thus making it advantageous for applications to do real time remote monitoring or asset tracking with lesser effort and manpower.

The gateway reads BLE advertising data from beacons (like iBeacon or Eddystone), customized format and sends the information to MQTT server over Wi-Fi®. Users can configure the server credentials, WiFi settings, data period through a simple web UI.

The device thus effectively functions as a BLE to Wireless Adapter.

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• Connect Bluetooth Smart devices to the cloud
• Low power and small form factor
• MQTT Protocol Support
• HTTP Configuration
• Over the air upgrade

A typical use for CASCADEMIC's BLE Gateway is in Asset tracking systems in various industries.

BLE Gateway Application

The above picture demonstrates how the BLE Gateway is part of the CASCADEMIC Asset tracking system used for tracking energy consumption of welding machines and also to monitor manpower efficiency of welder activity.

CASCADEMIC's system will be able to monitor the welding machine and the presence of welders within the viscinity of the Welding machine. The compact nodes can be attached to welding torch, welding machine and also wearable by employees. Hall-sensor based measurement for the welding machine and accelerometer based measurement of movement in the case of welding personnel and welding torch is used.

Processor ARM Cortex M4 based CPU
Memory 256 KB RAM
Storage SPI FLASH – 1MB default (Expandable up to 8MB)
Power Supply 5V DC
3.7V, 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery backUp
Connectivity – WiFi
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
2.4 GHZ frequency band
Station (WPS 2.0), AP and Wi-Fi Direct
TX Power
18.0 dBm @ 1 DSSS
14.5 dBm @ 54 OFDM
RX Sensitivity
–95.7 dBm @ 1 DSSS
–74.0 dBm @ 54 OFDM
Wireless Protocol Support TCP
Firmware over the Air (FOTA)
Security Secure Wi-Fi & Internet Connections with 256-Bit
AES Encryption for TLS and SSL Connections
WPA2 Personal and Enterprise Security
Antenna Support On board Chip antenna
Connectivity - BLE
BLE BT Version 5.0
Receiver Sensitivity –97 dBm
BLE data format (Non connectable) ibeacon, Eddystone
Customized format
Other * Connection method (optional)
Antenna Support On board Chip antenna
User Interface
LED Indication Power Status
BLE Status
Wireless Connectivity status
Wireless Configuration WiFi AP, STA setting
MQTT configuration
Device Parameters
Other Interface
Serial 1 * UART(TTL)
1 * RS485
Modules* GSM (3G/4G)

* Custom configuration