Thermal Printer Controller Card

Thermal Printer driver card-

The thermal Printer controller card developed by Cascademic is a single controller card designed to suit a wide range of printer head mechanisms including 2” and 3”, and with and without auto cutter options. Mechanisms without auto cutter: SEIKO LTP01-245, LTPD345, Fujitsu FTP628MCL, FTP638MCL and with auto cutter: SEIKO CAPD245 and CAPD345.

The card provides designers with a high-quality, cost-effective, space-saving printing solution for POS, kiosk, ticketing, labeling, banking, instrumentation and medical equipment applications. The controller card is small(70X35mm) and can fit into most enclosures.

• Single controller board to suit all printer head mechanisms
• WiFi, BLE and BT interfaces
• Barcode, image & logo printing and multi language printing
•Solution Customization based on OEM

The Compact Thermal printers are extensively used in Healthcare Equipment, ATM, POS & Payment Terminals, Portable equipment, Mobile Printer, Measurement Equipments Transportation, Manufacturing

Regional Language and Font Support Arial, Courier, Calibri - Multi-sized fonts, Italics,Bold fonts
Hindi (Devanagari), Marathi (Devanagari), Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi
Integrated Barcodes: EAN-13, Code39, Code128
Image print (Direct Bitmap data)
Printing Mechanism Support Print Resolution: 203 DPI
SEIKO, Fujutsu and ALPS.( LTP01-245, LTPD245/345,CAPD245/345, LTPD247/347, CAPD247/347)
Print Columns: 24 Columns/Line and 48 Columns/Line for 2 inch printer
36 Columns/Line and 72 Columns/Line for 3 inch printer
Highly reliable offering a lifetime of 50km abrasion
Printing Mechanism Speed Low Voltage Printer Mechanisms:
LTP01-245: 75 mm/sec
LTPD245/345: 100 mm/sec
CAPD245/345: 100 mm/sec with cutter
PTMBL1B00A: 90 mm/sec
24 Volt Printer Mechanisms
LTPD247/347: 200 mm/sec
CAPD247/347: 200 mm/sec with cutter
ProcessorUltra Low power Kinetis Series Controller
Multiple low-power modes
Host Support Android host demo application – for BLE
Battery DetailsVoltage: 7.4V
Current: 1600 mAh
Charging cycle: 500
Input Power7.5 to 9 volts Powered via adapter or battery(Battery pins can be used for external power connectivity also) for low voltage printer mechanisms and 24 to 26.5 volts Powered via adapter for 24 volt printer mechanisms
LED Indication Power ON
Paper End
Platen Open
Printing status