Dunamis A8 IoT Module

The Dunamis A8 IoT module based on the new Freescale Kinetis K series microcontroller based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 core with DSP instructions. It runs at up to 150 MHz. The operating system supported by default is Freescale MQX, Uclinux Kernel.

It also offers all the interfaces needed in a modern embedded device: beside the internal Flash memory, external NAND Flash, 1Gb of DDR2 SDRAM memory, interfaces available for data storage – SD micro card, USB Memory Stick. The module provides glue less connectivity to passive and active LCD’s with resolution up to800×600, as well as 4-wire resistive touch screens without next controller. An integrated Ethernet PHY provides 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection with time stamp functionality.

  • IoT and M2M Applications.
  • Industrial control panels.
  • Navigational displays.
  • Point-of-sale terminals.
  • Medical monitoring equipment.
  • PLC.
Power Supply
  • 5V supply through USB (or)
  • 24V Through Sathodis E1-CAS Industrial Carrier Module
  • MK70FN1M0 120 / 150 MHz.
  • Hardware encryption coprocessor.
  • Hardware tamper detection.
  • Memory protection unit.
  • Hardware cyclic redundancy check engine.
  • Independent-clocked COP.External watchdog monitor.
  • 1 MB FLASH on chip.
  • 128 KB SRAM on chip.
  • 2Gbx16 FLASH on Module.
  • 1Gbx16 DDR2 on module.
  • Graphics LCD controller. (Support for color QVGA displays as single chip or up to 24-bit SVGA displays using External Memory)
  • external memory on Module.
  • Touch screen.
  • I2S audio digital.
  • I2C interconnect.
  • CAN, USB OTG/HOST/DEVICE on Module, SPI, UART, SDCard on Module and Ethernet 10/100 Mbit.
  • A/D high speed 12 bit.
  • A/D 16 bit and D/A 12 bit.
  • GPIO with pin interrupt support, DMA request capability, digital glitch filtering.
  • User Indication LED (I_LED)controlled by GPIO.
  • JTAG debug circuit
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector with magnetics and LED control Interfacing with Sathodis E1-CAS Industrial Carrier Module
  • Two 30 Pin Connectors on Module adding Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Module support.
  • Four 30 Pin Connectors on Module for Interfacing with Sathodis E1-CAS Industrial Carrier Module.
  • On module RTC Battery Holder for 20mm lithium battery. (e.g. 2032, 2025)
Slim Form Factor
  • 85×53.98mm (Approx. Credit card Size).
  • Pluggable to Gateway Controller of Cascademic Modules such as Bluetooth, WIFI, and Telit for easy Transmission of data Remotely.
  • Tamper Detection.