Being an End-to-end Solutions provider, CASCADEMIC Solutions highly values Customer Satisfaction in all phases of the Product journey, and offers an exemplary Support policy to its customers. CASCADEMIC is committed to support longevity for its all products and the longevity period varies based on the product categories and the targeted applications.

Components from tier-1 silicon and component vendors are used so as to maintain reliability, quality and longevity of the product.

The Warranty details of our products are as given below:

CASCADEMIC guarantees hardware products against defects in workmanship and material for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment (not applicable for POC/Engineering Samples and prototypes).

The customer’s sole remedy and CASCADEMIC’s sole liability shall be for CASCADEMIC, at its sole discretion, to either repair or replace the defective hardware product at no charge.

This warranty is void if the hardware product has been altered or damaged by accident, misuse or abuse. However, if any of the malfunctions are caused by such misuse, inadequate maintenance, or natural disaster, CASCADEMIC will provide the repair and/or replacement services for a fee.

CASCADEMIC also provides RMA Support. In the event our product does not prove suitable for your application, you can return the product for repair or replacement.

To claim, the product must be returned in good condition within 15 days. Before returning a product, please contact CASCADEMIC for the related RMA process either through mail or call.

Phone: +91 80 26583333 (during the normal GMT+5.30 working hours)
Mobile: +91 94485 89414