Advanced Tower Monitoring Solution

tower monitoring solution

Effective Tower management is essential for telecom operators and providers to maximize profits and reduce operational costs .


CASCADEMIC’s Advanced Tower Monitoring Solution is the perfect aid for optimal monitoring of the telecom towers . The solution enables utility based energy billing for the individual tenants in case of a shared infrastructure and also includes the monitoring of the Base Station Shelter and Diesel Generator coupled with alerts and notifications .


The NXP Semiconductors Chipset based Solution delivers business value through
• Reduced down time of Telecom Tower enabled by live monitoring of SMPS powering the tower
• Reduced in Operational Cost of Telecom Tower by monitoring DG , Battery Voltage and Workforce Management
• Higher Asset Utilization with continuous monitoring

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• Energy Utility Based billing for Individual Tenants
• Comprehensive Base Station Monitoring
• Diesel Generator monitoring
• Dashboards for Real time monitoring
• Cloud Connectivity
• Modular Architecture

CASCADEMIC Telecom Tower Monitoring Solution monitors various aspects of the Telecom Tower Base Station and the Diesel Generator placed at the base station.

The solution helps in determining the health of the Tower Equipment by remotely monitoring the below parameters
• Battery Voltage Level
• Run time of Diesel Generator
• Run time of Battery
• SMPS Bus Voltage Level
• Fuel Level of Diesel Generator

Advanced Tower monitoring Applications

In addition to base station monitoring, through completely non invasive methods, power consumption of individual tenants are monitored. The solution can effectively cut down maintenance costs of the operators and manage their work force.

Controller ARM Cortex Controller
Low Power Series
Alarms and Alerts Battery voltage level
Fuel Level
Phase and DG Detection
Door Open / Close Status of Shelter
Temperature of Shelter
Sensors Energy Monitoring
Hall Sensor
75A Maximum Current Capacity
3% Accuracy
Base Station Shelter
Temperature sensor (-55 to +125 deg.C)
Smoke sensor (0 to 10000 ppm)
Door sensor ( Open / Close Status)
Human Movement within Shelter
Phase and DG presence detection
SMPS Bus voltage
Battery voltage
Diesel Generator
Fuel level in Diesel Generator
Fuel Tank Temperature
Wiress Transmission Protocols Supported WWAN – 2G / 3G / LTE
Memory SPI Flash - 8MB
Power Supply 40 - 70V DC Input Range
Software Features FOTA – Over the Air Firmware update
Modular Software Architecture
Cloud Support IBM Bluemix