Pulse Metering Adapter with WiFi

Wireless metering adapter with Wifi reads the data from pulse output meter and sends the data to remote server through TCP protocol.

  • Easy configuration and installation.
  • long lasting battery life.
  • Wi-Fi, GPRS and MODBUS compatible metering adapter
  • Secured communication using AES
  • Customisation on existing solution based on OEM's
  • Battery operation up to 1.2 years*.
  • 256 KB data storage (can extend upto 8Mb).
  • Enclosed in IP66 enclosure.
  • Smart remote metering.
  • Remote data communication
  • Energy meter and Gas meter
  • Remote mointoring in Wi-Fi enabled environment


  • Digital input - detect up to 30 pulse per second.
  • Any meter which has the output as digital pulse can be used.


  • Supports WiFi client/AP/Router
  • Supports encryption type : Open, WEP, WPA.
  • 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n compatible
  • Support transparent transmission mode.
  • Data transmission trough tcp protocol.
  • Range : 50 to 60 meters