4-inch Printer Card

CASCADEMIC Solutions has introduced a single printer driver card to suit Thermal Printer Mechanisms of varying width.

The controller card supports Bluetooth / WifI /RS232 /USB to satisfy any customer.The card provides designers with a high-quality, cost-effective printing solution for POS, ticketing, labelling, banking, instrumentation and medical equipment applications.

Unique Features:

  • Single controller board to suit all printer head mechanism(2 inch/3 inch/4inch with cutter & without cutter)
  • UART,RS232,USB,WiFi, BLE and BT interface.
  • Supports bar code, image and logo printing and multi language printing.
  • Customisation on existing  solution based on OEM.

Ultra Low power Controller

  • Freescale Kinetis ARM Cortex-M0+ core.
  • 256Kbytes  on chip flash memory and 32Kbytes on chip RAM
  • Low power focused serial communication interfaces.
  • Up to  8 Mbyte On board memory.

Host Support:

  • Android host demo application – for the BLE/BT .
  • USB Interface.
  • RS232 Interface.

Printing Mechanism

  • Print Resolution: 203 DPI


  • SEIKO LTP01245,LTPD247(High Speed) LTPD345,LTP2442, CAPD245,CAPD345, printer head.
  • Fujitsu FTP-638MCL101/103. FTP-628MCL101/103
  • 24/32/48 Columns/Line 2inch printer.
  • 36/48/72 Columns/Line 3inch printer.
  • 52/78/104 Columns/Line 4inch printer.

Battery Details

  • Li-Ion/LiPo battery : 7.4V,1600mAh or 22.2V,5Ah.
  • On board battery charging.

Input Power

  • 9V ,3A or 26V,5A Powered via adapter or 7.4V,1600mAh or 22.2V,5Ah Battery.

External connectivity Interfaces

  • Serial Interface: UART (TTL /RS232), Baud rate: Default: 9600 bps. Can be extended up-to 115,200 bps.
  • USB: USB 2 Type B (Data speed: 12 Mbps max.).
  • Bluetooth
  • BLE4.0(30 Meters).
  • WiFi(Supports: 802.116b/g/n,Range: 30 Meters)

Wide support for fonts:

  • English fonts.(Arial, Courier, Calibri and etc).
  • Multi-sized fonts,Normal fonts,Bold fonts.

Regional languages

  • Hindi (Devanagari), Marathi (Devanagari), Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi.
  • Integrated Barcodes: EAN-13, Code39, Code128.
  • Also support Image print.(Direct Bitmap data)

Printing Paper(Thermal paper)

  • For 2 inch printer - Paper width 58mm.
  • For 3 inch printer - Paper width 80mm.
  • For 4 inch printer - Paper width 112mm.


  • Board reset, test print and paper feed switches
  • Battery Charging status,Paper and platen Detect options and LED indications for the same


  • Healthcare Equipment.
  • ATM,POS & Payment Terminals.
  • Transportation.
  • Portable equipment.
  • Mobile Printer.
  • Measurement Equipments.
  • Ticketing Applications