Crane Monitoring System

With the precise and unfailing operation of Cranes being critical in Industrial environments, the Crane Monitoring System is a very essential aid in helping to monitor the operating parameters of the Cranes used.


The Crane Monitoring System is a Retrofit Solution which can work with most kinds of Cranes including construction Cranes.

The Crane Monitoring System interfaces with the existing PLC of the Cranes to extract the required operational information, can collect data from trucks, tractors and other vehicles over CAN.


Through data from various sensors, it enables preventive maintenance of Cranes.

It is able to monitor the operation of cranes and determine number of loading and unloading cycles, it can also monitor Tire Pressure Sensors to prevent the down-time of Cranes.


Using Vibration sensors attached to various parts of the crane, it can collect the data required.

The Crane Monitoring System is able to monitor these parameters:
Crane On/Off Status
On/Off status of crane motors (Wheel, Trolley, Hoist)
Spreader Lock Status
Fuel Level
Tire pressure and temperature
Vibration sensor data
Acoustic sensor data
Vehicle status monitoring


The Crane Monitoring System thus saves time and cost, enables increase in operational efficiency by providing valuable data and reducing downtime.


The Crane monitoring System is based on NXP Semiconductors Chipset.


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PLC Monitoring

• Monitors tire-pressure and vibration sensor data
• Reduces downtime of Cranes
• Designed with Industrial grade rugged components
• Data sent to cloud platform over 3G, 4G

Processor 32-bit ARM Micro-controller
Onboard Memory Flash Storage
DG Monitoring Run-time monitoring
On/Off Status
Fuel Level
▪ RS-485 output (MODBUS Compatible)
▪ Industrial grade
▪ Custom length
Power Supply Input: 24 V DC
7.4V, 1000mAh Battery Back Up
Location tracking GPS based
3G Connectivity
Communication Protocol TCP/IP
User Configuration Through UART, SMS and Server
Polling Periodicity
Server API
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Client and Access Point Mode
Antenna 3db External Wired Antenna