Dunamis A1 IoT Module

The Dunamis A1 IoT module is a Freescale Kinetis Microcontroller based board with multiple usage applications. The board features Kinetis Low power controller with ARM Cortex M0+ Architecture. ARM Cortex M0+ processors are found to consume low power with greater efficiency.

The microcontroller has a maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz, 256KB flash, 32KB RAM, USB OTG controller, segment LCD controller, major communication interfaces, analog and digital peripherals.

  • Industrial Automation
  • Small appliances
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Smart metering
  • Portable devices
Power Supply
  • 5V supply through USB (or)
  • 3.6V through battery connector
  • Up to 48 MHz ARM® Cortex-M0+ core
  • Low power modes for battery powered applications
  • Unique identification ID the IC
  • 256KB on-chip Flash & 32KB RAM
  • 2Mb on-board SPI Flash memory
  • Four peripheral connectors enabling major communication interfaces.
  • Debug connector supporting SWD.
Communication Interface
  • One low power UART, two UART modules
  • Two 8/16-bit SPI
  • I2C – upto 100kbps
  • Full duplex – I2S interface
  • Full speed USB OTG
Analog Interface
  • 16 bit ADC
  • 12 bit DAC
  • Analog comparator
Digital I/O
  • GPIOs supporting 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit accesses