Pulse Metering Gateway

The SMART METERING GATEWAY SOLUTION from CASCADEMIC enables wireless remote data reading from domestic and industrial supply meters by means of GSM/GPRS network connections. Measurement values for electricity, gas, water and heat are automatically transmitted to one or more centrals locations using common Internet standards..
The platform is based on the Wireless M­Bus 868MHz protocol, allowing long range and low power communication. The communication is highly secure thanks to the AES­128 encription scheme and also it has been optimized for low energy consumption.

  • Wifi,GPRS, Ethernet and MODBUS compatible Gateway
  • GSM, 6LoWPAN and MODBUS compatible meter
  • Secured communication using AES
  • Customisation on existing solution based on OEM's
  • Data collection from any types of WMBUS supporting meters sensors (electricity mater, gas meter, water meter etc.).
  • Industries.
  • Act like a repeater to extend the range.

OS support:

  • Uc Linux, which provides a realtime service to the cloud.

WMBUS Protocol with AES Security( EN-13757 ):

  • Authentication of all command messages.
  • Encryption (AES 128) to ensure confidentiality of metering data using block ciphering and
    a unique symmetric encryption key for each meter.

Long range RF transceiver (upto 600m):

  • Long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and
    high interference immunity whilst minimising current consumption.

WMBUS modes can be configured by user:

  • S mode,T mode.

FOTA (Firmware Over the Air):

  • This facility supports to upgrade the firmware over the air.

User data storage:

  • 256 MB of NAND flash memory with JFFS2 file system for storing user data and
    configuration of the gateway.

Number of meters to the system:

  • one concentrator can be handled 1-512 meters.

Modular Hardware architecture.

Operating status signaled by LEDs.