Vessel Monitoring Solution

vessel monitoring solution

The Vessel Monitoring Solution helps to optimize the routes of container ships by monitoring the weather conditions and tide times. This enables the ship’s operator to reduce the travel time of the ship and its fuel consumption.


Using various sensors, the Vessel monitoring solution is able to monitor the engine run time, DG run time, fuel consumption and location of the ship through GPS. It can be interfaced with the echosounder to collect depth information which in turn helps in better navigation.

The Vessel monitoring solution is based on NXP Semiconductors Chipset.

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PLC Monitoring

• Monitors the ship’s location in real-time
• Alert for sudden drop in fuel level (leaks)
• Theft alert
• Designed with Industrial grade rugged components
• Data sent to cloud platform over 3G, 4G

CASCADEMIC's vessel monitoring solution solution gives the user important data wrt Fuel efficiency calculation based on engine/DG run-time and fuel consumption, enabling security and safety of the vessel as well as smooth operation.

The Parameters Monitored include: Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Ship's Course over Ground, Water depth referenced to the transducer (Echo Sounder), Diesel Generator Running Status and Voltage Output (For every Diesel Generator present), Fuel Level (For every fuel tank).

The solution also provides access to historical data collected over time, thus giving valuable information to the operator for better implementation.

The firmware features of the solution include:
▪ Time synchronization
▪ Store and forward logic

The device is designed with industrial grade components to withstand the marine environment. Data is sent to the cloud platform over 3G/4G.

vessel monitoring

The vessel monitoring solution helps the vessel operator to optimize the routes for their container ships by monitoring the weather conditions and the tide times. This enables them to reduce the travel time of the ship and its fuel consumption.

Depth of water indicates the load on the ship. The solution is integrated with the ship’s echo sounder using the NMEA Protocol to monitor the submersion of the ship in the water which in turn is used to determine the load of the ship.

vessel monitoring traffic

Processor 32-bit ARM Micro-controller
Onboard Memory Flash Storage
DG Monitoring Run-time monitoring
On/Off Status
Fuel Level
▪ RS-485 output (MODBUS Compatible)
▪ Industrial grade
▪ Custom length
Power Supply Input: 24 V DC
7.4V, 1000mAh Battery Back Up
Location tracking GPS based
3G Connectivity
Communication Protocol TCP/IP
User Configuration Through UART, SMS and Server
Polling Periodicity
Server API
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Client and Access Point Mode
Antenna 3db External Wired Antenna