Sensor Capabilities

CASCADEMIC offers a host of IoT Solutions using the following Sensors:

Temperature sensor                                            Moisture Sensor
Pressure sensor                                                  NPK Sensor
Motion Sensor                                                    CO2 Sensor
Fuel Sensor                                                        Gas Sensor
Proximity Sensor                                                 PIR Sensor
Hall Sensor                                                        Ultrasonic Sensor
Humidity Sensor

Energy Management

CASCADEMIC's Smart remote metering and monitoring Solution uses Hall Sensors and helps to reduce human involvement and effectively manage the energy consumed by communicating the Energy-meter parameters to the remote user.

Wireless Data Acquisition and Control

CASCADEMIC's Wireless DAQ Solution allows all types of low data-rate data sensing and transfer with the flexibility to connect multiple sensors which measure physical parameter as input: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Motion, Position, Proximity Sensor. The various Applications include: Remote Sensing & Control Automotive Remote Diagnosis Solar Field Monitoring Smart Irrigation Monitor and Control Smart Industries

Access Control Solution

Using the RFID Reader, CASCADEMIC provides a solution to the access control and secure accessibility needs of the customer. Our Fingerprint based Solutions find applications in: Remote Monitoring Smart Attendance System Canteen Management and Billing Door Access Control Solution Automated asset tracking and logistic system

Smart Farming Solution

Using NPK Sensor, CO2 Sensor, pH Sensor, Humidity, Temperature, Moisture Sensors, CASCADEMIC provides Solutions for Soil Nutrients Analysis and Smart Farming. With this, user is able to: Reduce water wastage Scientifically manage crops through control of environmental parameters Monitor Soil Conditions according to specific crops.

Environment Monitoring

CASCADEMIC’s Environment Solution uses various sensors and allows control of Temperature, Humidity, CO2, pH, Pressure, Vibration, light Intensity (LDR Sensor), noise level, air quality and status of Industrial equipment.

Motion Sensor based Solutions

Motion sensors based Solutions use a combination of Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and can be used in Pedometer, Activity Detection, Workforce Tracker, Gesture recognition, Carry Position and Sports training related Applications

Temperature Sensor-based Solutions

CASCADEMIC's Temperature Sensor-based Solutions find Applications in Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature monitoring and Ambient Temperature control Applications

Fuel and Gas Sensors

CASCADEMIC's Fuel Sensor Solutions find use in Telecom Tower Monitoring, Automobile Fuel gauges, Smart Energy Monitoring & Control Gas Sensors are used in Leakage detection and Prevention Applications

PIR Sensor

CASCADEMIC's PIR Sensor Solution finds use in human presence and motion detection. A typical Application would be Automatic lighting and Air-conditioning control in Meeting rooms/Office space.

Ultrasonic Sensor

CASCADEMIC's Ultrasonic Sensor Solution can be used for Proximity and distance measurement Applications.