Smart Agriculture

CASCADEMIC’s Smart Agriculture is a Scientific method for Management of crops. It provides connectivity to farms and helps to eliminate Water Wastage with the current irrigation systems.
The Smart Agriculture Solution allows farmers to manage large areas of crops based on soil and environment parameters.

This is made possible by LoRa technology – a reliable, real time, long range communication.

LoRa Nodes installed at farms help in increasing yield and reducing water consumption

Intelligent Analog Input Module

The Intelligent Analog Input Module contains 12-bit ADC resolution Up to 8 Channels single-ended inputs with User programmable has a sample rate of up to 1MSPS, with ESD, EFT and Surge Protection circuits at Analog section.

The ADC IC is controlled from the Master controller which is from Freescale Kinetis K series is a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 core with DSP instructions communicated through SPI interface to ADC IC. It runs at up to 8MHz. Either Voltage Inputs/Current Inputs individually configured through Hardware whereas the voltage and Current levels are software Programmable for individual Channels.

Intelligent Digital Input Module

The Intelligent Digital Input Module is a Freescale Kinetis Microcontroller based board with digital isolator, designed mainly for automotive industrial application. The board features Kinetis K series with ARM Cortex M4 Architecture,8KB RAM and 64 KB flash memory.

ARM Cortex M4 processor has operating frequency up to 72MHz. Also the Digital Input module has Infineon’s Digital Isolator and Texas Instrument’s CAN and RS485 driver ICs. The module has 16 number of digital inputs which can support various types of sensors with output up to 35V. Also the module can support various types of communication interfaces like I2C,UART,I2S and USB.

Ionos A1 BLE Module

CASCADEMIC Solutions has introduced a small size, ultra low power and low cost Bluetooth v4.0 low energy(BLE) module. This module includes an embedded processor, antenna and BLE stack. The processor is an excellent RF transceiver embedded with low power 8051 microcontroller which has 256-KB in-system programmable flash memory, 8-KB RAM, 23 GPIOs . The BLE module is with Powerful UARTs with Support for Several Serial Protocols and I2C interface for interfacing to other host module or slave module. This module can be used either as master board or as slave board. Addition advantages includes UART programming, Over-the- air-updates ,easy integration of “C” library framework, serial streaming of data, smart phone libraries and data. This is the best solution for low power IoT and M2M application.

Ionos B1 WiFi Module

The Ionos B1 WiFi module is a complete IEEE 802.11bgn Wi-Fi device with a standard serial port or SPI or UART interface to a host processor. It is based on TI’s Simplelink chipset which has 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller with Embedded 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Network Processor.
ARM Cortex M4 is embedded to provide a solution for a variety of applications. No WLAN driver functionality is required on the host processor. Since Simplelink chipset includes an embedded processor, it is designed to provide standards compliant wireless connectivity to devices and systems that have a serial port and implement a TCP/IP stack and UDP connections, enabling a variety of M2M applications at low power and small footprint. It uniquely provides connectivity in the single stream 802.11n mode, preserving overall network throughput in the emerging enterprise.

WiFi / BT Combo Module

CASCADEMIC’s Ionos B4 WiFi / BT Combo Module offers WiFi and BT connectivity through a single module. It supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz 1T1R WiFi with Bluetooth 2.1 /3.0/4.0 in a single PCB.


Its operating frequency can be upto 2.4GHz, and it consumes as little as 3.3V power. The module comes with USB 2.0 interface for host data connection.


It is compact in size, consumes less power and provides good performance.


The module has 2 antenna option – UFL and Chip Antenna, at a time only one can be used.

Ionos E1 – GSM Module

The Ionos E1 GSM module is ideally suitable for highly reliable 2G and 3G GSM / GPRS applications. The small form factor enables easy implementation in hand-held applications. The module has the flexibility of connecting either an UFL or SMA antenna. Additional advantages include Over the Air upgrade, SIM on chip feature, onboard RS232 converter.

Ionos D2 LoRa Transceiver Module

The Ionos D2 LoRa Transceiver Module is a low power, long range RF module suitable for remote metering and monitoring applications and is optimal to be employed in areas where regular battery replacement is not practically feasible.
The module is flexible to adjust bandwidth, spreading factor and error correction rate as required. The LoRa modulation technique used is compatible with standards like W-Mbus and IEEE 802.15.4g. An added advantage of LoRa modulation is its improved immunity to interference.

Ionos D1 UHF Transceiver Module

The Ionos D1 UHF Transceiver Module is ideally suitable for today’s high performance ISM band RF application. The board is intended for applications over a wide frequency range, including the 433 MHz and 868 MHz European and the 902-928 MHz North American ISM bands.

The Module includes a SEMTECH’s low power UHF transceiver, interface connector, filter and a SMA connector(for external antenna). It is intended for use as high-performance FSK and OOK RF transceiver module for robust frequency agile, half-duplex bi-directional RF links, and where stable and constant RF performance is required over the full operating range.

Ionos F1 – RFID Module

The Ionos F1 – RFID Transceiver Module can be utilized to build any UHF RFID application without the need to add any additional power or MCU modules. The board can be interfaced with any wireless module through the serial interfaces available for wireless data access. The RFID tag read / write range is upto 70 mm in open environment.

The RFID transceiver module is automotive qualified and thus flexible to be used in any vehicle or school bus applications. The additional I/Os available on board enable integrating devices like LCD and keypad if required.