MODBUS to Ethernet Converter


The MODBUS to Ethernet Converter from CASCADEMIC is ideal for energy meter and other sensor applications, where the data is read through RS485 – MODBUS(RTU) protocol from the slave device and sent to the server or cloud using Ethernet.

This is perfect for linking the RS485 devices to your computer network via Ethernet for monitoring and remote controlling purposes.

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• Easy configuration and installation.
• Adapts easily to commercial & industrial use cases
• Customization on existing solution based on OEMs
• Compact, Easy to Use, and Affordable

The MODBUS to Ethernet converter provides an easy and cost-effective means of combining the advantages of remote management and data accessibility to devices that otherwise cannot connect to a network.

MODBUS Protocol is extensively used in industrial automation by equipment such as SCADA, HMI, OPC Servers, PLC’s, RTU’s and HMI’s. The MODBUS to Ethernet adapter provides valuable network connectivity to many legacy equipment that would otherwise be limited to MODBUS connections.

ProcessorARM Cortex M0+ based CPU
Operating Speed (Max)48 MHz
Memory32KB RAM
Storage8MB SPI Flash
Power Supply9V to 24V DC
Wired Interface support
SerialRS232 / RS485
User Interface
LED IndicationPower Status
MODBUS Slave device Status